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In an exchange on a Facebook group,, Andy Tombs, who was appointed Executive Director of Sport on 4th October and was the first appointment by the incoming CEO Sarah Powell,  has stated that, “The splitting of club has many risks and won't be allowed to happen from this year's renewal”

In further comments Mr Tombs elaborated on the risks by saying that “it could be a risk for gymnasts” but failed to elaborate how or why this would be the case.    Continued Below:

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Mr Tombs also failed to disclose how the enforcement of the policy that has actually been in effect for many years, will be applied, nor to what sanctions will apply to the clubs. When asked about clubs that offer disciplines that BG does not cover he stated, “it does not impact non gymnastic related activities.”   When asked about how it would be enforced, Mr Tombs just advised for people to contact him via BG Switchboard and that he would talk to them privately. 

Mr Tombs when asked stated they had met “50 clubs in last couple of months to work through changes required to better meet needs of clubs and parents, both of whom are our customers.”    Continued Below:

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* The main questions are:
Will enforcement be good for the clubs or just for BG?  *
Will this enforcement cause a potential anticompetitive policy to be pushed for its own means?
Will this be better for the industry, or try and prevent competition which is good for the consumer?


Only time will tell when we see how many clubs and coaches decide to leave and join other membership organisations. ​ 


British Gymnastics were asked for comment. As yet none have been received.

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